No Rush 

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Olivia Junholm No Rush Ep cover

”I first heard Olivia at the Live At Heart festival and were so taken by her personality in the music; especially how her voice finds pleasure in dancing around chord tones from the Neo-Soul/Jazzy guitar in her music."


Olivia Junholm Live Dirty Records
Olivia Junholm music photo
Olivia Junholm music live
Olivia Junholm No Rush Ep

Olivia Junholm is a soulful singer/songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. Her sound has a flavor of soul and pop with warm jazz influences. Her history tells us that she has recurring plays on the Swedish radio, studio recordings in Houston, USA, live performances at the global music forum Sofar Sounds, heard at the UK Radio etc. The debut EP 'No Rush' was released in February 2020, in collaboration with Light&Salt Records. Available on your favorite digital platform.


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